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in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Bicycle Injury Law:

If you have been injured in an Oklahoma bike wreck, by a defective bicycle product, by a motorist, or because of an unsafe road condition, Karrie welcomes your call. Cycling is rapidly growing in Oklahoma, which means 

that more injuries are occurring. Many do not understand the true costs that go into cycling, so do not get taken advantage of by someone else’s lack of knowledge of the culture of cycling.


Pet Law:

People have developed a vast array of relationships with animals through the centuries. Whether you are an avid sportsman, a pet parent, a breeder, farmer, or exotic animal owner, Karrie would love to speak with you 

about your legal situation. Whether it may be a pet trust, a breeding contract, a dispute over possession, a hunting violation, or any other issue involving animals. Animal law is close to Karrie’s heart. She absolutely adores her two dogs, so she understands concerns about how they may be taken care of if she is unable. She is also a country girl that grew up fishing and hunting and learning how to live off the land.

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